About Us

Jeffery Tool & Manufacturing Inc.


has had very humble beginnings.  Originally named "Maybet Tool" by the two brothers, Matt and Frank Grasl, who started a joint venture
together back in 1963 to capture the "American Dream". Initially, Maybet was run from a backyard garage. With the ingenuity and dedication of the brothers it paid off.  A few years later they bought their first building. 


In1977 Matt and Frank decided to go down different paths and Jeffery Tool & Manufacturing Inc. was born.

In 1994 Jeffery Tool & Manufacturing Inc. built a new 15,000sq ft. state of the art plant where we continue to grow today.


Over the years, Matt's children and grandchildren became involved in Jeffery Tool & Manufacturing Inc. They all strive for the same high standards of quality and originality that Matt did.


Today, Jeffery Tool & Manufacturing Inc. is guided in this competitive world market by Matt's 3 sons.

Jeffery Tool & Manufacturing

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